Previewing: Trial Lawyers Section Presents-Did the Chicken Create the Hazard-What's Common Sense v. What Requires an Expert?

The presentation will explain, to the lay person, the science behind the engineering analysis of vehicular collisions; the use of new technology including data collection techniques such as high definition laser scanners and drones; the ability to access all types of event data from vehicles; and how the collected data is used in the engineering analysis. Through real-world case examples, this presentation will illustrate how new technology allows for the creation of accurate 3D data from 2D images; how the results of a full engineering analysis are often presented through 3D engineering animations; and how other advances in technology such as the analysis of surveillance video is used to capture accurate time/distance/speed movements. Concerns including when the data disagrees with law enforcement reports, the changing industry, and current restrictions related responding to collisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic will be explored. Finally, tying everything together, the fundamental thought process used to decide on when to deploy such an analysis will be discussed to evaluate when (or if) to "pull the trigger."

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